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Here are just a few of the Titles on the Bookstall at the Church.

It is a Christian Bookstall which has books, CDs, Cards, Bible Readings and Seasonal Products.

We can also take orders for any items we haven't currently got on stock and will aim to acquire these for you.                                                                 

I Am in Here  – by Elizabeth Bonker & Virginia Breen  

This is an amazing story of how a mother and her daughter walked through the bewildering maze of autism and end up producing a heartrending and wonder-filled story.

Journey to Joy - by Mary Renouf  

Mental health has been talked about far more since Covid-19. Here is a book that tells the story of a young girl suffering for 30 years with this condition. Two years later she was diagnosed with cancer, eight and a half years later her husband died. How do you cope? Mary has journeyed through grief to find wholeness and joy. Read her story!

Coronavirus and Christ  – by John Piper

People ask what is God doing? The author offers six biblical answers to that question showing us that God is at work in this moment of history.

Angels in the Fire - by Dann Stadler

Dann and Tracey share their experiences of God’s tangible intervention in their loves following a horrific crash.

Taming of a Villain? - by Allen Langham

A former professional rugby league player with a promising future who threw it all away on the path of drinks, drugs and organised crime. He was in and out of prison but he shares his story of transformation, of how he became a Christian and recognised the power of God was the only thing that could release him and redirect his life.

Code Red – by P.P. Hallam  

The most common question we hear today: “If there is a God, why is there so much suffering? Why do the innocent suffer? This book explains the injustice and helps us to understand just how things are playing out in this world.

Fiction books:

‘Without a Trace’ - by Mel Starr

CDs include

‘Sing’ – Live at the Getty Music Worship Conference by Keith & Kristyn Getty.

‘Fascinate’ by Lou Fellingham.

‘World’s Favourite New Worship Songs’

‘Hymn Makers Gold’ - 50 of the Best Loved Hymns.