Children and Families Support Worker

Since being appointed by the South Molton Methodist  Church, I have become increasingly and actively involved with the various groups that meet at our place of Worship. My aim when working within these groups is to ensure that the warmth and fellowship extended by our church is shared with all those that need it, as well as those that simply want it.  


My further aim and eventual goal is for our church to better know more of the young families that reside within our community, and to meet their needs in all ways possible, by drawing them closer to us and thereby closer to God.


I am very excited by the various ways in which I plan to realise this vision.  These include; continuing to value, embrace and support the work of the Brigades and Messy Church, continuing to facilitate and provide for the families that attend the Stay and Play Groups that are already established on our premises, continuing to develop new and strengthen existing links with our local schools and other local churches, and establish a Holiday Club, an all age worship Sunday Club, and other innovative new groups, intended to meet here - at our church.

One venture that I am especially excited about is the concept of a ‘Mindful and Creative Emotional Learning’ group, which will be aimed specifically at parents and carers with their young children.  To find out more about this venture please look out for future updates.


Linda Mitchell (Mrs)

BA (Hons) QTS and AST