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Sunday Club at

South Molton Methodist Church

Starting   September 2021

Do you want to meet other Church families?
This will be re-launched on 12th September 2021 and then be held on the 1st Sunday of every month at 11 am. Sunday Club encourages children to play and craft whilst learning about all things that matter to God.

Dates for 2021/22

Focus for thoughts

12th September 2021 -   The Good Samaritan

3rd October 2021-        Lost Sheep

7th November 2021 -    Stormy Waters

5th December 2021 -    Christmas Lights

2nd January 2022 -       Jonah & The Big Fish

6th February 2022 -      The Blind Man

6th March 2022 -          Loaves & Fishes

3rd April 2022 -            Easter

1st May 2022 -             The Big Picnic

5th June 2022 -            Pentecost

3rd July 2022 -             Stories by the Seaside

7th August 2022 -         Holiday Club

For any additional information, to check dates or to offer assistance please contact Linda Mitchell: Children & Young Families Worker. 9  (Due to Covid-19 aim to re-start in July 2021)